Island Innovation Lab

IMG_0568Islands conjure many romantic notions of the exotic, lost treasure, adventure, romance, isolation, mystery… They have been the muse of artists, writers, musicians, scientists and explorers. The reality is we all live on islands, real or virtual, tiny, remote, large, connected … all individual. Island residents adapt to the pace and rhythm of their Islands. They are resourceful, using the limited resources they have to respond to meeting their needs. Innovation and community are necessary for survival. For many, Islands are a place of escape. Somewhere that provides time and space for thinking and reflecting. Somewhere that affords anonymity, seclusion and

The concept behind the Island Innovation Lab is to create a space where people with diverse skills and interests can come together, as a community, to innovate creative and multidisciplinary responses to global sustainability issues such as climate change, sea level rise, resource depletion, food security and renewable energy.

The Beta Lab
In early December 2013 a Beta version of The Island Innovation Lab will be run. This lab will host a broad selection of international artists, designers, musicians, technologists, writers, thinkers and doers. The goal of the Beta Lab will be to develop a live brief for the formation of Future Innovation Labs and the development of the VPF residency program infrastructure.