Global Residency

VPF residency

A VPF residency melds the focused tranquility of Yaddo, the relational aesthetic of Thailand’s The Land Foundation and the cross-pollination of Cape Farewell’s mix of Art & Science. The residency program will welcome pre-conceived solo projects and collaborative, island-inspired works. Contemporary Artists and change makers from any field.

Residencies of 3 to 5 weeks will be awarded, through juried selection, to groups  or individuals who may be joined by visiting academics or academic teams.

Each participating resident spends the first week alone in a secluded bungalow. After one week of unguided acclimation, artists are invited into the Commons House and provided with a studio in which to complete their work for the remainder of their stay.

Vanuatu culture

Home to an exotic history of Cargo Cults, Cannibalism and the Happiest People on Earth, Vanuatu’s culture is shaped by myth, beliefs and practices some common and some unique among islands neighbours in the archipelago. A hallmark of this project is the nature of the Ni-Van (Native Vanuatu) People of Efate and other islands. It sets the tone for journeys to live volcanoes, active harvest gardens and coconut groves down footpaths that meet black sands at the Coral Sea.

In fact, the 1st ever, 2006 Happy Planet Index of London’s New Economics Foundation surveyed 178 countries on the planet and declared Ni-Vans the Happiest People on Earth!

Languages: 100 in the 81-island archipelago; Vanuatu has the highest number of languages per capita with each language spoken by under 2,000 people

Traditional ecological knowledge which we plan to harness with the development of a self sustaining permaculture food program.

Five world heritage sites.

VPF ecology

Stretching 809 miles Vanuatu remains among the worlds most biodiverse places with some of the Pacific’s most stunning dive sites and remarkably unique permutations of plants and animals owing to the density of each island’s lush tropical jungle.

Oceanic Currents and varied sea levels have carried plant and animal species between islands and subtle evolutionary changes have occurred delivering insights to the value of biological / genet innovation in response to various local conditions.

VPF place

Vanuatu is one of the most diverse places in the world, an archipelago of over 81 islands, home to over 110 different languages, for a total population of just under 250,000 people. Over 70% of Vanuatu’s people still live in a subsistence economy, growing their own food, making their homes primarily out of local materials. [TBC]

  • A place with earthquakes, a serious windy season and one of Earth’s most continuously active volcanoes – Mt. Yasur.