Frequently Asked Questions

IMG_0620Where is VPF site?

The VPF site is located on a 500 hectare property on the southern side of the Island of Efate, Vanuatu. I is approximately 20 mins drive from Port Vila (capital of Vanuatu)

What is the land like?
The land is covered in a variety of ecological zones from thick tropical forest through to coconut groves, mangroves, coastal dunes, creek lines and open grassy plains.

What is next?
During Phase I, we focused on researching locations in Vanuatu, exploring a  number of Islands and finally settling on Efate.

VPF’s aim in Phase II is to work with the local communities, project partners and supporters to develop a brief for both the physical and structural needs of the VPF facilities on the site. This will result in a competition for the design of a carbon neutral development including residency accommodation, a gallery and cafe, and necessary amenities. It will be informed by a Beta Island Innovation Lab in December 2013.

Upon selection of competition winners and development of their structures and support systems, Phase III will engage a full programming agenda – We are working towards establishing a locally owned and operated social enterprise that will become managed and maintained by Ni Vanu people serving a dual purpose of welcoming visiting artists (and others) while providing outreach around tribally requested education. This education ranges from language and healthcare to digital arts (for recording both kastom and youth projects) to water purification, waste management, biofuels and solar lantern-making classes (for diesel-free, sustainable living) in the villages enveloping the project site.


Why is this important?

Resilience comes though independence. By developing a social, community run, enterprise that can supply it’s own power, fuel, saleable goods and services we provide the opportunity for skills development, financial independence and local employment. This results in a happy, prosperous, local community supporting our project.

Where can I get more information about Vanuatu and Efate?

Vanuatu on Wikipedia
The Vanuatu Cultural Center – a governmental guide to cultural policies and programs
The Peace Corps Welcome Handbook for Vanuatu – a fantastic overview for visitors and researchers curious for an overview addressing historic, ecological and cultural awareness for travelers to the region

Who are the foundation’s Phase I partners?
Our fiscal sponsor is Islands First, a New York City-based 501(c)3 dedicated to strengthening the UN missions of small island nations. They accomplish this aim by providing expert legal and policy advisors to generate strategy and coordinate scientific, environmental and policy networks that serve the ecological agendas of island leadership.

We also gratefully acknowledge the guidance of The Pacific Foundation’s founder and staff in the organization’s formative stages.