Supporting VPF is great at every level!
Here are our sentiments in Nata, language of the Naihné People

Iakolkeikei – One Love
Thanks for providing proof that all is possible!

Namalinuan – Peace
It’s said that all paths lead to Rome but in Vanuatan sand art – all paths lead to a unique locality in place or myth. Your contribution will reward its recipients with such encounters.
Nawitan – Harmony
Thanks for taking your seat at the table! We see this as the conversation of a lifetime… and of Our Time.
Nolkeikeian – Love
We feel you…and thank you for diving deep!

Nisiai an – Respect
A thousand thanks. The feeling’s mutual! This amount happens to equal the price (US$) of a box of nails on Tanna…Since we’re using Japanese joinery, your kindness will be put to better use.